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    The 2010 annual Chinese enamel industry


    April 28, 2011, China Light Industry Federation announced to the society"2010year China light industry ten strong companies". "2010year China light industry ten strong companies" evaluation of covering the26Industry Association, the 29industry. The evaluation result fairness and transparency, strong credibility, social acceptance is high, to play a backbone enterprises demonstration effect, to drive the light industry healthy and rapid development rises to promote action actively.
    The 2010annual Chinese enamel industry" ten strong" evaluation, divided into industrial enamel" top ten" enterprises and daily enamel" top ten" enterprises, as well as Chinese enamel industry ten strong companies.
    China industrial enamel top ten enterprises:
    Yang Yang Jiangsu Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Company Limited
    Jiangsu industrial enamel chemical equipment limited company
    Zibo Tai Chi Industrial Enamel Company Limited
    Hangzhou West Lake glass lining equipment limited company
    Tianjin Industrial enamel factory
    Linyi Hongye Chemical equipment limited company
    Shanghai industrial enamel chemical equipment limited company
    Zibo Huaxing Chemical Equipment Factory
    Zhengzhou Xin Feng Chemical equipment limited company
    Cooperation in Suzhou City chemical equipment limited company
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