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    Yang Yang Jiangsu chemical equipment company of large capacity glass-lined reactor implementation is homebred change


    Yang Yang Jiangsu Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Company Limited recently the successful production of the50000 ~80000 liters of glass lining reactor. The product can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, medicine, dyes, pesticides, food and other industries, to break up the large capacity glass-lined reactor long-term dependence on imports of the situation. It is understood, as the chemical production technology and product upgrading, the glass lining equipment especially for more than 10000 liters of specifications of glass lined equipment demand more and more. From in last few years product sales trends, product specifications to large and super large development. At present our country chemical industry needs to be of good quality, strong corrosion resistance of more than 30000 litres equipment are dependent on imports, the prices of imported products is often the price of the domestic like products of more than 8 times, so R & D capacity glass-lined reactor brook no delay. Yang Yang Jiangsu chemical equipment manufacturing limited company to develop50000 to80000 liters of glass lining reactor belongs to the two types of pressure vessels, except for alkali, hydrofluoric acid and fluoride ion medium and temperature greater than 180 DEG C, a concentration greater than 30% phosphoric acid does not adapt, for other various concentrations of inorganic acid, organic acid, organic solvent and weak bases media have strong corrosion resistance, good heat resistance and insulation. The company made large capacity glass-lined reactor, absorption of foreign advanced burning process and enamel formula, and in the firing process to make further adjustments and improvements, improve product performance and reliability.

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