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    Yang Yang Jiangsu won the


    April 28, 2011, China Light Industry Federation announced to the society"2010year China light industry ten strong companies", Jiangsu Yang Yang chemical equipment manufacturing company by virtue of market share, profit level, social contribution and growth momentum and high evaluation, was the "2010annual China light industrial enamel industry ten strong enterprise title".
    Jiangsu Yang Yang chemical equipment manufacturing company, the main product varieties are glass-lined reactor, storage tank, retort, all kinds of tower section, drying and mixing machine, condenser, non-standard type I, II, III pressure vessels, containers, stainless steel lining chemical equipment, water treatment equipment. Product specifications from 50L to80000L, with the production of the following specifications 80000L enamel glass equipment production capacity, annual production capacity of 50000 tons and above.
    China Light Industry Federation of"2010year China light industry ten strong companies" evaluation of covering the26Industry Association, the 29industry. The evaluation result fairness and transparency, strong credibility, social acceptance is high, to play a backbone enterprises demonstration effect, to drive the light industry healthy and rapid development rises to promote action actively.
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