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    Large glass lining equipment demand increases rapidly


    " After several decades of development and the test of intense competition, our country enamel glass equipment manufacturing industry has become more mature, development speed will gradually become more gentle, a field from quantity expansion to quality improvement of a new round of strategic transformation has quietly come." China Chemical Industry Equipment Association of glass lined equipment committee vice director, Jiangsu Yang Yang Chemical Equipment Manufacturing Co. chairman Zhu Xiaohe, put forward Chinese enamel glass equipment manufacturing industry transformation.
    In recent years, enamel glass equipment chemical equipment industry has become the fastest growth in demand, one of the most active factors. At present, around the country enamel glass equipment and accessories production enterprise many 200, among them on the scale of the enterprise of about ten or twenty, with an annual output of about 80000 tons of glass lining equipment.
    To get used to oil and chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries demand, in the increasingly intense market competition situation, China enamel glass equipment manufacturing enterprises begin to a desire for change. The whole industry has shown by the past seek yield blindly, quantity, output growth, gradually to improve product quality, enhance product added value change; enterprise production methods from the past a factory shop, even small workshop-style, gradually to the base of the, park transformation.
    In an interview with reporters learned that, following the September 1, 2003 Shandong Zibo Taiji industrial enamel Company Limited built in Huantai Industrial Park, Beijing North lining chemical equipment factory by the relocation of the machine, in December 8, 2004 to invest 120000000yuan, already in Beijing Tongzhou District light mechanical and electrical integration base of 100 acres of land, built a large glass lining equipment production base ( big enamel base ). The new production plant in container manufacturing, absorb the introduction of foreign advanced technology, from the production process to the quality inspection of all in accordance with international standards, especially the whole series introduced Hungarian LAMPART glass lining glaze technology, enamelling technology, make the product line with Europe and the United States DIN, ASME manufacturing standard series, will make the glass lining the service life of the equipment to achieve a qualitative leap. The enamel firing furnace engineering by multi regional power regulating thermostat5enamelling furnace and2insulation furnace. Enamelling process according to the enamelling process curve by computer regional multi point temperature control and automatic compensation, regional temperature difference can be controlled within 5DEG C, realize the whole process of enameling preheating, sintering, thermal insulation of three stage computer control, from enamelling equipment solved due to local structure resulting from the change of temperature ( thermal capacity ) demand is not a requirement, it is conventional furnace can not be achieved.
    North enamel and enamel firing technology introduce, the domestic production level at the push forward 50years. This is adumbrative our country enamel glass production level has reached or close to international standards.
    Jiangsu Yang Yang chemical industry equipment limited company invests 100000000 yuan, covers an area of 200acres of industrial parks will be built at the end of this year. According to Zhu Xiaohe, chairman of introduction, the company peer in the country take the lead in the use of foreign advanced punching process, not only to enhance the product quality, reduces the production cost, ensure the rate of finished products of glass lining equipment. At present, the company has made30000 litres of reaction tank with large specification, and the replacement of imports, also make use of the price advantage, products into Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa market.
    In recent years, along with the oil and chemical industries of the large-size glass lining equipment demand increasing and market competition intensifies, Yang Yang put forward the implementation of brand strategy, to cultivate international competitiveness, the brand in international competition development strategy. The company put forward clearly:5 years a product of Chinese famous brand, famous brand, product specifications to the development of more than 50000 liters;10years set a well-known trademark in China, product specifications to the development of more than 80000 liters, sales tripled. To this end, the company will implement the strategy of technical transformation, and gradually the use of advanced foreign technology and the firing glaze formula, with its own technical force, in the process, technology, plan adjustment, improve the integral performance of the product, developed a variety of properties of glass lining equipment, to meet user demand. Secondly, the implementation of technological development strategy, actively digest, absorb foreign advanced technology, at the same time on the glass lining equipment to further increase the technical transformation investment, development of series of varieties, improving product technology content, reach international level, the domestic advanced level. Three is the implementation of quality improvement strategy. Use of existing quality management system, further strengthen the quality management and quality assurance, at the same time, strengthen customer service, improve customer satisfaction, quality and brand, to create quality products.
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