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    The first enamel industry professional and technical training was held successfully in Xiangtan


    On May 19th to 22, China's first enamel professional and technical training in Hunan province Xiangtan city as scheduled successfully held. The first batch of79 from the national home enamel enterprise of the 172 participants. China Ceramic Industry Association vice president, Zhang Ming of secretary-general Zuo Xiaowei participated in training.
    In recent years, Chinese enamel industry has achieved great development, product structure, technology, production equipment, material property, product application areas are the comprehensive development and promotion. As a response to the current technology shortage of talent of industry development" bottleneck", association of Chinese enamel industry in a wide range of research and prepared on the basis of previous, decided to regional technical exchanges and training, extended to the nature of the national industry technical training, to adapt to the rapid development needs of enamel industry.
    This round of training in the set of content highlighting the pertinence, practicability, application, mainly include: enamel, enamel development history and present situation of basic theoretical knowledge; steel enamel, enamel, electrostatic enameling technology and technology and its products causes of common defects and solutions; enamel production process and preparation; the glaze slurry performance control and glaze slurry preparation and grinding with fabric and lining with the role of.
    Training in the ways and means to provide written materials, centralized instructions and questions, teachers, after-school answer, experts to answer the final exam and evaluation of hook. Trainees generally reflect such national nature of the training specifications of high, content is solid, new technology, learned a lot of practice in the production of rare technical skills. A lot of enamel enterprise after hearing the news, express to send trainees strong desire.
    The training of the Chinese Ceramic Industry Association, Hunan made glaze technology limited company, Hunan CIGNA pigment limited company of science and technology, Foshan Nanhai Fang Jia Chemical Company Limited, Shenzhen City tims machinery equipment limited company sponsored contractors. Hunan made glaze technology Co. Ltd. is a professional technical training provides training and demonstration site.
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